LeadCold signs contract with RIAR to irradiate alumina forming steels in BOR-60

LeadCold’s alumina forming steels have proven to be uniquely corrosion resistant in liquid lead at temperatures ranging from 550 to 850°C. They have been designed to tolerate irradiation by fast neutrons. In order to prove that this is the case, LeadCold has signed an agreement with Russian Institute of Atomic Reactors (RIAR) to irradiate alumina forming steel samples in the sodium cooled research reactor BOR-60. This reactor is currently the only research facility where structural materials can be irradiated with fast neutrons at a damage dose rate exceeding 15 dpa/year.  The irradiation experiment is scheduled to begin in June 2022, and will continue until 2025, with a potential extension til end of 2029, corresponding to a target damage dose of 120 dpa.

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 Janne Wallenius, LeadCold (+46 70 603 6 306).

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