Green baseload energy on an industrial scale

Leadcold develops and builds lead-cooled small modular reactors (SMRs) to deliver safe, scalable and carbon-free baseload power supply. 

Leadcold is taking leading research to industrialisation and working together with global utilities and partners like Uniper and OKG to deliver the first research reactor in Oskarshamn, Sweden.

Designed for safety, built for industrial scale serial production

Leadcold uses liquid lead as coolant. This makes it possible to achieve passive safety in its most compact form – Leadcold’s reactors will be 5 meters high compared to water-cooled SMRs that are typically 20 meters high. This positions Leadcold for automated serial factory production of reactors. In addition to the compact size, using lead has important benefits in terms of safety and system simplifications.

Liquid lead has historically been used in SMRs onboard submarines. The main inhibitor to more long-term use of liquid lead is that it may corrode and erode stainless steel structures. However, Leadcold has developed a patented, aluminum alloyed steel exhibiting perfect corrosion resistance. This will be used to protect the SMR’s fuel capsules against corrosion.

We partner up with the leading nuclear supply chain companies