Our vision - safe, scalable & carbon-free baseload power

Blykalla AB was founded in 2013 by Janne Wallenius, Peter Szakalos, and Jesper Ejenstam as a spin-off from the Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm, where Janne Wallenius carried out research on design and safety analysis on lead-cooled reactor systems since 1996.

The research brought together insights from fast reactor design, transient analysis, corrosion and materials science, nuclear fuel development, lead coolant chemistry, radiation damage, severe accident analysis, nuclear construction and operation of nuclear power plants to create a unique reactor design to provide safe, green base load energy that is perfect to complement solar and wind energy.

Led by nuclear engineering experts and seasoned company builders

Janne Wallenius

CTO, Co-founder

Peter Szakalos

CRO, Co-founder

Jacob Stedman


Mikael Fraenkel


Merja Pukari


Thérèse Burman

Head of Legal

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